Jul. 16th, 2015 10:27 am
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Apparently not only am I a back up organist and tenor, but now I'm also a backup cantor.

I have to be cantor on assumption when choir resumes. I don't feel like learning the proper chants enough to intone them so I'm going to see if Choir Mistress will let me psalm tone them. I actually really like psalm tone, it sounds very ethereal and it's really easy.

Choir Mistress has something against plainchant so we're doing a polyphonic communion which I have to learn. it does sound really good though.
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Last spring a lady from my parish gave me a bunch of jerusalem artichoke roots. I didn't do research on them and just threw them in the ground in a corner of the garden.

These plants grow about 15 feet tall, but that isn't the worst part. When I was preparing the ground the other day it was FULL OF TUBERS. There were artichoke roots EVERYWHERE. The plants had spread more than I thought was possible and the roots are deep-reaching.

Now I have a large pile of roots which I dug up and I will never grow these plants again. Now I know why the lady gave me a bunch of roots. Sadly, she never warned me how tenacious they are.

I have no idea what to do with the roots so we'll see.
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It's really chilly today. like March chilly. I was hoping to get out into the garden but not gonna happen. I was setting up some of the seed flats inside tho. On top of that I ran out of black tea today.

Unfortunately it seems the weather now is warming up early but we always have a cold snap. It's terrible for the plants. Amazingly, "The Folks" still vehemently believe that there is no such thing as global warming. That was the most facepalm-worthy discussion at Easter breakfast.

Not sure whether or not to plant more mint yet. One of the graund-aunts wants a good supply for mint jelly but it's too early to tell. Also mint is such a pain in the neck because it insists on spreading. I asked her what kind of mint she wanted and she said "just mint." I suppose she'll be getting spearmint then.

I should join the church flower team, but I don't want that much responsibility right now. I also prefer to keep the flowers to myself..

SO anyway the garden will have to wait till tomorrow when it's supposed to be warmer. Seriously, it's like fucking December out there right now.


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