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Tep ([personal profile] tep) wrote2015-05-08 01:45 pm

Jerusalem artichokes are a nightmare

Last spring a lady from my parish gave me a bunch of jerusalem artichoke roots. I didn't do research on them and just threw them in the ground in a corner of the garden.

These plants grow about 15 feet tall, but that isn't the worst part. When I was preparing the ground the other day it was FULL OF TUBERS. There were artichoke roots EVERYWHERE. The plants had spread more than I thought was possible and the roots are deep-reaching.

Now I have a large pile of roots which I dug up and I will never grow these plants again. Now I know why the lady gave me a bunch of roots. Sadly, she never warned me how tenacious they are.

I have no idea what to do with the roots so we'll see.